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Afghanistan Fiasco

Afghanistan, historically, has been known as the graveyard of empires. The empirical powers of modern times tested their nerves and strengths in Afghanistan but could not conquer it. USSR wasted one decade with billions of its economy but eventually disintegrated. It’s been one decade and eight years when US has realized there is no military solution to Afghanistan fiasco. Bush and Obama administrations had viewed Afghanistan from ambitious lens but Trump Administration started grasping the realistic ground situation. It has become evident that the US and Taliban have to negotiate though the outcome cannot be predicted at very earlier stage of dialogue. The US have shown flexibility in intentions of withdrawing forces but it will remain concerned about the development of statehood in Afghanistan.

The US is engaging all stakeholders to play positive role to reach consensus in Afghanistan. Pakistan is ought to play a major in role in influencing Taliban to ensure the outcome of peace process in Afghanistan. Though Pakistan has been front state against global war on terror but Trump administration accused Pakistan of double game. Despite all accusations, President Trump wrote a letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Imran Khan seeking help from his state to influence Taliban and assist US in reaching political settlement in Afghanistan. US is willing to give Taliban representation in parliament and signaled to delay presidential elections in the wake of peace talks. It is the political environment when US is being frustrated in region due to influence of China and Russia and tend to resolve the issue on priority basis, as Trump said, prior to his term.

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