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Aid group seeks normal US- North Korea relations

Aid group raised their voices in support of North Korea, a country facing real humanitarian challenges. They asked the US to ease their restrictions and warming their relation with North Korea. US special representative on North Korea met representatives of aid organization who have faced restriction and delays in helping people of the totalitarian state, on Wednesday.

North Korea is facing sanctions from the USA and UN Security Council for their nuclear and ballistic program but they can be treated leniently on the humanitarian issue from Security Council, the USA is not giving any waivers or leniency till now! Mr. Biegun has highlighted that the USA has now recognized the humanitarian challenges and should be enabling the humanitarian Aid Group completely and let them do their work. UN’s official Chief Mark Lowcock said after his visit to North Korea that they are really having hard times and a lot of humanitarian challenges, about 20% of the young community is suffering from malnutrition, and lacking other needs along with food challenges, health, and medicine, and we will help them.

American secretary of state Mike Pompeo is considering the Aid Group’s request in a timely fashion and he is also putting an eye on the state department’s security and safety of Americans visiting North Korea.

Now President Trump is ready to meet North Korean president seeking a way to end the Pyongyang’s nuclear agreement. After North Korea have had a talk with his primary ally China, South Korean president believes Washington’s and Seoul’s meeting is imminent!

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