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America on its way to isolation

America seems to be on its road to isolationism. Isolationism means America won’t interfere in any of the international conflicts, won’t sell arms to fighting countries and will prefer AMERICA over the whole world. As for recent measures taken by trump administration like THE WALL, even Mexico is not paying for it. Is there any need to have a statement for approval of isolationism! It’s already begun! Trump pulls out forces from Syria and will leave Afghanistan soon. Trump had already withdrawn from Iran’s denuclearization accord and had boycott major partnerships!

At the time of World War 1 senator Lodge oppose the president over joining UN after the war and to avoid internationalism. He supported isolation and said America is the hope for the world. We should not interfere in European or Asian or any conflicts and not to danger their existence! It worked well till 1939 when Japan attacked the American navy and dragged America into World War 2. Everything changed due to war and it’s a follow-up. Before the war, the establishment of World Bank, IMF, and World Trade Organization have been founded, quickly followed by the UNs, and then North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created and American interest and presence were in every field! So they become internationalized.

It is to be noted that whether it is isolation or internationalization, the decision is preceded by the consensus and approved by Congress. It is going to be done by consensus but  command! Isolation didn’t end well last time anyhow. Trump administration is making statements as American’s foreign policy is AMERICA FIRST! ‘America is only interested in American’s interests!’ said John Bolton

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