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California fire came to an end

The Camp Fire, widely known and collectively mourned, is ended, official sources claims. It is considered as the deadliest fire in the history of California rather entire United States which claims 87 lives while leave unaccounted people up to 474. It is not only worst in terms of human capital loss but its time period is not prone to forget as it continued for two weeks. State of California Fire authority announced Camp Fire is 100 percent contained.

 It is to be noted that it took hundreds of fire-fighters risking their lives to tame the fire and rescue affected people but yet it took two weeks and finally rain was proved a blessing. Though rain fall was blessing in taming the fire but on the other end, it pose difficulties for rescue teams to search for bodies and controlling remaining fires.

The senior sheriff claims that only 54 fatalities have been identifies so far and further process is underway. The fire took 14,000 homes and hundreds of different infrastructure has been destroyed and it consumes 62,052 hectors of public and private land.

It is to be noted that California was not the only affected, but it forced San Francisco, a neighboring state, to close the schools and advised people to stay homed due to intense smoke clouds. Meanwhile, California Governor warns that global warming can increase in fires which must be avoided. After the fire ended, people belonged to affected areas are allowed to go their areas and to assess the damage to their property and encouraged them to take enough food, water and fuel.

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