Is Democracy a Perfect system?

Is Democracy a Perfect system? NO. Democracy is neither a Perfect System nor a “Fits to All” Yes, it can

Revive Economy

Three reasons of Trump to Revive Economy

Trump kept bragging about his economy raise in 2018, he started a serious economy war with China due to his

midterm election

Midterm Election and US foreign Policy

Midterm elections happened in US and very interesting results came out. Democrats beat incumbent republicans in Congress and bagged significant

trade talk

EU trade talks with the US

Trade relations of almost every state is having historic low since president Trump in office. The rhetoric of Trump is

us iran sanctions

US Sanctions on Iran

United States, a day earlier, revealed a set of sanctions terming it full extent aimed at preventing Iran from playing


US China Trade War

Trade is one of the activities in the world rooted in prehistoric era when people used to exchange goods against

World Order

The order of World Orders

This time, power has different dynamics like it is more economic prone than military as had been the practice in past. The scholars hope Graham Alison would be proved wrong this time because the US and China might not end with military conflict but yes they do have another front to compete, that is economic.