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China warns the US over warship in China’s sea

USS McCampbell ‘Freedom Of Navigation ‘sailed in south Chinese sea and China has given a stern warning to the USA regarding their patrol and asked them to stop this provocation. According to Chinese spoke person, American McCampbell entered the waters of Xishas Island, a Chinese name for Paracels without their permission. China sends a ship to warn the US destroyer and ordered to leave their territory. China had already given its presentation and stern motives over this issue. Mr. Lu said China is capable of protecting its sovereignty and nobody is allowed in their territory without seeking permission from Beijing. Pacific fleet spokeswoman said: USS McCampbell carries freedom of navigation and can sail 12 nautical miles of Paracel Island. She added the operation was not for any particular country to make political statements!

China is claiming that America is responsible for their increasing tension because they are violating the Chinese laws for their territory by sending guided missiles. China urged the US to stop such violating actions. As talks have been held between officials of both sides to end the war of trade and economy that has raised to an alarming level last year when Trump put a tariff on Chinese goods and ask them to change their practice as the consequence china raised the taxes on American goods. Economic talks begin and now sea patrolling is causing tension. China has complaints about the US and its allies for Freedom of Navigation in the South China Sea.

To mention that this area is disputed. Countries like Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines are in this dispute of ownership along with China.

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