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Complications of US sanctions on Iran

Obama Administration kicked a deal off with Iran to halt its nuclear and ballistic missile program. The architect of the dead John Kerry maintained that parameters set by the JCPOA are sufficient on merits to close its pathway to nuclear weapons. Trump administration perceives the outcome of deal in another way which is effect oriented. In the result of deal, US allies in the region might feel safe from nuclear and ballistic missile threats but outside the scope of deal, Iran deployed other options against US allies to threaten including cyber-attacks on Saudi oil facilities, drones and missiles, acts of terrorism at the borders with Israel and direct interference in Syria and Yemen.

Technically speaking, JCPOA tapped nuclear and missile options of Iran leaving it open with array of means to achieve its interests in the region. Unfortunately, Trump Administration is perceiving far more dangerous with other options at its disposal. This reason motivates US to withdraw from the deal and sanction Iranian economy. Now US wants Iran to halt destabilizing activities which are a threat to regional peace or ready to suffer otherwise.  It caused sudden hike in oil prices which is likely to be effected by oil production. Iranian regime urges OPEC to increase oil production to resist US influence but they are in US camp. It leaves US alone because EU, Russia and China stands with Iran against US and intend to fulfil their end of bargain. Though US warned other parties to JCPOA not to support Iran in either way but it could not win the whole world against Iran especially on nuclear part of deal.

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