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Does History repeat itself?

US has been dominating International politics since a decade. It had played a role after WWI, during WW II and after WW II in shaping new world order. The irony with world order is it produces two competing blocks i.e. one who shapes world order and is satisfied with it while another one is un-satisfied block which strives to reach at top and change the order in its favor. The Cold War had witnessed decades of strategic competition but mutually assured destruction did not create space for war.

It is to be noted that both states saw each other with hair trigger during Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 when nuclear war was almost about to happen. In this very crisis, USSR deployed its missiles in Cuba, mere few kilometers away from US coastal areas. US blocked Cuba and threatened USSR not come to breach the blockade otherwise war could happen. The world has survived sanity and war was averted.

The same geostrategic discourse is all set to take place in Taiwan Strait where US from 11,000 kilometers distance trying to legitimize Taiwan but China claims as its own part. In South China Sea, it has become usual routine when the US and Chinese vessels confront each other. If in case, US seeks to ensure its presence in Taiwan and increase military presence, China may resort to action what US took against USSR. China sees South China Sea and Taiwan Strait its near abroad and establishing A2/AD capabilities. A2/AD implies area access area denial meaning denying other power to access particular area.

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