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How US influence Chinese’ Asia

The idea being 21st century is the Asia’s century is widely propagated. In Asia, China is strong economy with extensive military power which eventually enabled her to win allies in the continent. Russia in North, Pakistan in South, Central Asia in West and East is China itself. In Asia, East Asia e.g. Japan and Korean Peninsula is only region where it enjoys considerable strength as counterweight to China. In this region, PLA cannot survive escalation on disputed Senkaku / Diaoyu islands where US should double down its power to preserve its dominance.

Strategy is a best possible aligned combination of ends, ways and means. Means for US are not well provided as Congress Committee revealed about National Defense Strategy and suggest to increase defense budget by 3-5 %. It suggests US army has not enough means to fight China if war breaks out. When it comes to end, it argues that US has to simultaneously fight China and Russia thus maintain influence in periphery of both. The report maintains US position with global obligations which must seek favorable influence around the globe. But what ways US should opt to define strategic goals in a progressive multi-polar world.

In Asia, Geography is largely in favor of Russia and China. US from 11,000 kilometers cannot achieve what former can achieve in quickest possible time. This case is well applicable in South China Sea and Taiwan Strait where China is developing A2/AD capabilities. On the other hand, China would suffer very little cost as compared to US. India and Australia formed Quadrilateral alliance with Japan and US to maintain Naval Dominance in Indo-Pacific Ocean as a periphery region of China. 

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