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Immigration and the US

Currently, President Trump is not a fan of immigrants and vowed to deport them while preventing coming immigrants at the same time. US have not permitted the caravan coming from North America to step in US soil rather contained them in Mexico. It is to be noted that US has been the attractive destination for immigrants historically. A recent study carried out by multiple authors including Pedro M. Cruz, John Wiley and Avni Ghael associated with North Eastern University, USA.

This study has detailed debate over inflow of immigrants to the US over the period of time but interestingly the authors added a visualization graph which gives organic understanding the cause. It is seemed diametrically opposite to Trump’s notion of illegal aliens and can be stated as US have been the victim of immigrants from all over the world. This visual graph is circular having different tiers, looks like a tree stem radially centered. The data is taken as cells in a stimulated slice based on computational algorithm. This indicates several waves of immigration to US since 1830. All the global regions are placed diametrically i.e. if immigrants are coming from Europe, they are placed in East of circle, Latin America to the South, Canadian to the North and Asians are in the West. It is to be noted that each immigrant classification is given a unique color code to discern immigrant’s origin. Since 1830, the tree grows making rings of immigration volume. Europeans are seen the most migrated people to the US.

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