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Is United States losing military edge over competitors

The National Defence Strategy Commission, 12 member body comprised former Republicans and Democrats elected by Congress, reviewed the whole National Defence Strategy (NDS) and challenges to national security.

The Commission analysed the President Trump’s Military Strategy and concluded that the US is recently facing grave crisis of national security and defence. It further finds that US may lose its cutting edge dominance over states like China and Russia and fears in case of war, US may not win resulting high rate of causalities and capital loss.

The commission further reviewed the war fighting capacity of US saying it is facing serious challenges as its superiority is being undermined ‘eroded to dangerous degree’ the report noted. Moreover it conceptualizes that it may not be able to perform well in defending itself and allies while securing foreign interests at the same time against multi-front war i.e. against China, Russia simultaneously.

In order to complete the comprehensive report, commission interviewed pentagon officials to confirm strategic aims set by new administration and express satisfaction on the course of direction. But at the same time, it questioned the ways how all the challenges would be met and comprehensive security could be achieved, how to get that direction.

Apart the threats from state actors, it also reviewed diverse global spectrum of threats emanating from Trans-national organizations in the wake of terrorism and extremism. It is to be noted that the commission recommends that military should be focusing on the competition with the major powers only. At the moment, US enjoys excessive military strength over the globe being super power.

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