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Mattis and Presidency of Trump

President Trump announced in his tweet that James Mattis, secretary of Defense, will be retiring in February and the name of his successor will be announced on appropriate time. It might be assumed safe by Trump to replace him but it put Trump’s presidency in peril. The draw backs of his resignation may be ill conceived or flawed but they will be haunting President Trump in a time to come. The allies of US were widely relied on Mattis but now they are vulnerable too.

It is to be noted that the resignation letter of James Mattis is circulated in news which states difference on policy issues is the major motivation of resignation. But the important part is about allies who Mattis won brilliantly. He is of the view that allies should be respected and protected but this approach would push them to turn their back on. Mattis highlights that this is more about values rather than policy which means he does not find Trump a man of values. President Trump could win Mattis and bring the senate on table in support of his ideas but the way it was handled pose serious implications.

Some of the republican senators were furious about this taken step and expressed their concerns to Vice president Mike Pence. It states that not only while house is having its low of the time rather senate critique is just around the corner. Despite all challenges, it is expected that US would place all its strengths in new policy designs such as Africa Strategy aimed at containing China and Russia meaning US force is only to be used to guard its direct interests, not of the allies.

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