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Midterm Election and US foreign Policy

Midterm elections happened in US and very interesting results came out. Democrats beat incumbent republicans in Congress and bagged significant seats along with seven governorships.  This made political landscape of US quite interesting.

Democrats are likely to give tough time to President in Oval through political tools in Senate and Congress. It is to be noted that Bernie Sanders wrote very comprehensive agenda for Democrats to adopt in first 100 days but how much they would do is yet to materialize.

What significant impacts it may have on Foreign policy is debating worthy topic. Soon after elections, CIA issued investigation report about Khashoggi murder case accusing Saudi Arabia. Trump is ready to swing the matter but Democrats want full blow to Kingdom. Trump, even justified his stance by praising their investments in US and alliance in Yemen.

China is another front, which Trump is eager to hit hard and continue make America Great again but Democrats fear it goes wrong, international economic market will suffer major loss. Iran is another case study which Democrats played masterfully and stroke a deal but President Trump withdrew from it. Sanctions on Russia and North Korea is not likely to suffer a major setback.

It is to be noted that results of midterm election are a major setback to Trump administration which will create doubts about the future policies of United States. It will put Trump in confusion whether he will next presidential term or not. The other states might think whether they should engage with Trump or wait it out for next Presidential elections.

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