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Migrants Problem: An incoming caravan

Since Trump took Oval office, migrants has been condemned by him since then. He has initiated new policies to prevent migrants, tighten immigration laws, making border security strict, even medically checking migrants with dangerous diseases and prosecution charges if they may have any. They have been portrayed a threat to human security, food security, economic security and even national security especially by Trump Administration.

There is a caravan of migrants heading towards US coming from Central America. Thousands of people joined caravan to find better life opportunities in US due to high poverty and crime rates in their local areas. This migrant caravan left Honduran city and moved towards US on October 13 and had been inviting people all the way long to join caravan and go to US. This caravan has reached to Tijuana, a region close to Southern US border with Mexico.

In the wake of incoming caravan, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that caravan of migrants will not be allowed to enter in US and deployment of US army along the border has been increased amid security threats. He further said that his office in regular touch with Mexican office of Foreign Affairs and share common commitment to address the new challenge. He reiterated that caravan would not be allowed to cross the border saying ‘there are real dangers to the safety and human rights of migrants from those who would prey on them.’ Moreover, he extended his support to upcoming government in Mexico and offers to help them in job creation, strengthen its economy and alleviate poverty.

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