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More regulations on Mexican Border

President has always been vocal supporter of stop immigrants flooding in United States from all around the world, especially Mexico. It is to be noted that President Trump has announced to build a wall on border with Mexico to prevent them coming in states. The major reason he states that these migrants put burden on national economy and consume resources what are meant only for US citizens. There has been voices of separating migrant children from their parents so that they can be deported. This brought extensive pressure on Trump immigration policies under larger framework of Make America Great Again.

It is to be noted that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel are responsible for regulating migrant inflow in states. According to President, they not only come themselves but also bring diseases from remote areas of world. It is to be noted that Trump is planning to authorize US land forces deployed on border with Mexico to go through medical screening of incoming people if CBP personnel are unable to do so. This exercise would aim at detecting illness and injury only. Though traditionally, it has not been the responsibility of the military to regulate incoming migrants but of CBP. But military plays its role in stringing up concertina wire and establish living facilities for CBP. It is not the role of military to interact directly with people as Pentagon refused to comment because this executive order is in preliminary phase and yet to sign. Consequently, it may raise the number of deployed troops up to 5800 on new border positions.

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