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Much voiced Midterm Election held, at last

It took two years for Trump to shape new America under slogan Making America strong again but in midterm elections, it appears to be a setback for Republican party, and of course President Trump. Democrats win house majority while with extensive efforts, Republicans retain majority in Senate. House Minority leader, who also will be running for speaker-ship, said, ‘Tomorrow will be a new day in America’. It is to be noted that they will be in a position to challenge Trump’s policies, criticize every miss step at every possible platform till the end of his first presidential term. Meanwhile, Republicans lost previously won seats of Ohio and Florida.

It became clear that rural America widely accepted aggressive rhetoric towards immigrants and citizenship rights but democrats have won Washington for next two years on the contrary. Presidential office, by having majority in senate, would govern executive and maintain control over judicial branches but unexpected to the Republicans, Democrats will enjoy close scrutiny. It is assumed that Trump could be controlled and manipulated from now on.

By comparing the candidate fielded by both parties, Republican Party fielded more White, more male and mostly undergraduate candidates while Democrats relied on gender diverse candidates belonging to different races or ethnicity an subsequently college graduates expressing seriousness of candidates towards community and political business i.e. an African American won for Governor slot. It is to be noted that 80 women won seats in House including two Muslim women, one black congress woman from Massachusetts while a first female senator from Tennessee.

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