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Osama Bin Laden: A real US-Pak Problem

Killing of bin Laden in a US Navy SEALs operation was a major breakthrough in the US led global war on terror that drew unprecedented media coverage both domestically and globally. The US was celebrating it as a major victory on the global war on terror and soothe to those who lost their dear ones in the 9/11 terrorists attacks; much ambivalence and antipathy prevailed toward the US counterterrorism both in the media and public discourse in other parts of the globe particularly in Pakistan where Osama was killed.

As major purveyors of information, the news media play significant role in constructing the discourse on both domestic and international terrorism. It is to be noted that killing of bin Laden as a major US counterterrorism move offers a suitable case point to examine the national media framing of US counterterrorism as the media construction of terrorism/counterterrorism was used to influence shaping public opinion.

It is to be noted that issue of Osama bin Laden again highlighted by Trump recently while giving in interview to a television. He accused Pakistan of keeping US in dark about presence of Osama bin Laden and got millions of dollar in this regard. He further hunted to halt any aid to Pakistan. It is to be noted that Pakistan had been long standing ally of USA be it against Russia or war on terror but this setback would no longer in the interest of both states. Pakistan on the other hand hit back hard glorifying its contributions in US led global war on terror. Pakistan further hardened its stance saying it would do what would suit its interests.

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