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Pompeo aims opportunities 2019

2019 is the year of challenges as well as opportunities for the United States. There are some opportunities which secretary of state Mike Pompeo and his team should be looking forward to:

They should consider working with their allies on the subject of global infrastructure. Japan has suggested ‘quality infrastructure’ and the idea is evolving. It is to be noted that the idea emerged in 2015 when the Japanese Prime Minister announced the infrastructure aid package to build environmentally friendly and sustainable infrastructure which is durable around the world. Now on G20 summit in Japan America should be looking forward to new agreements and strategies about global infrastructure.

The G7 summit will be held this year in France. They are planning a merger of EBRD and EIB. That’s alarming for the United States because the US is going to lose its influence over that region under the continuous fear of Russia. US should work with British, Canadian and continental European G7 member to stop this merger.

The presidential election is going to be held in 2019 in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has progressed very much in the past decade and now America should stay on the course in Afghanistan until the commencement of election. As Afghanistan will stand up America can stand down!

America should renew its policy towards Brazil and start negotiation on bilateral free trade with the new president of Brazil regardless of the universally negative press towards Bolsonaro.

Ethiopia has an enormously expanding economy of the world nowadays. Prime Minister Ahmad has made the country prosperous, economically stable and developed good relations with its neighbors Eritrea and US with his political insight. If the relations of Ethiopia last long with Eritrea then America will be in a position to discuss a possibly common military port in Eritrea region.

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