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Poverty in the United States in 2021

The welfare of the country depends on the ‘ratio of peoples living under the poverty line’ America is striving to overcome the poverty from a past few years and census bureau is advised to make a yearly report on the population living under the line. It is to be noted that the official poverty measure was made in the reign of President Lindon Johnson on his war against poverty in the 1960s and has been releasing the statistics since then. They are using the same method since the 1960s for driving the statistics of poverty, ‘by analyzing if the pre-tax income is less than the least money needed to feed a family or individual three times a day!’

To overcome poverty, the state must know the number of people suffering, in a report from census bureau it is announced that the poverty level has been reduced in 2017 compared to 2016 by 0.4% points in the United States. It is to be noted that the statistics provided, 12.3% of the total population (about 39.7 million people) is under the poverty line, the source of these official statistics is ASCE (annual social and economic supplement) in their report about poverty in united states in 2017 shows that about the third of total poor are children with school but no college diploma and could not meet the ends and eight percent were old citizens who could not afford their living in the US and the last but not the least are working adults who are striving hard with multiple (part-time jobs) for their survival in the US! This situation is alarming and needs to be addressed!

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