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President North Korea warns US in his New Year welcome address

President of North Korea revealed his intentions to have a meeting in future, if needed, with president Trump for the sake of the country’s good future. He also wants good inter-Korean relations and a willingness to resume the half left two inter-Korean projects to run joint factory park in North Korean border the town of Kaesong and restart South Korean tours to the North’s Diamond mountain resort. Though it is impossible for North Korea until the sanctions are being removed. In his televised New Year speech he openly welcomed US government to be on a table to work on strategies that will make both of them welcomed by the international community. Along with that, he warns the US not to break their promises and not to put sanctions and pressure on them. Otherwise, North Korea would be forced to take measure for the dominion and authority of their country and will consider starting nuclear programs again. He also said the US should not test their patience by lineal demands!

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met the president of united states in Singapore, for the first time in June 2018.  But the issue of demilitarization standstill between both countries. The officials are expecting another meeting of President Trump and Kim Jong Un for a common acceptable strategy. America has put sanctions and pressure on North Korea but North Korea is not picking it.Their slogan seems to be “America can’t rule us, We rule ourselves independently!”

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