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President Trump and proceeding of United Nations

President Trump in his speech to the session of United Nations General Assembly 2018 made a point of Great America and redefinition of American sovereignty and its commitment to international issues. It is to be noted that President Trump has been advocating protectionist policies in almost each walk of state affairs be it military security, economic policy, immigration policy, human rights, and diplomatic posture. Trump has reminded the Assembly that US reserved the right to exercise sovereignty in her jurisdiction.

Recently, US is not being widely supported in UN about her initiatives regarding human rights. General Assembly opposed US’ move to support Israel and not taking consideration of Gaza people. Moreover, the US’ position on immigration policy proposed by refugee Agency is also opposed in United Nations General Assembly. US is also faced opposition about her concerns regarding promotion of abortion and voluntary plans to deal with international refugee crisis.

US failed in a campaign to prevent this policy about Sexual and Reproductive Health and its care services. US opposed the language arguing the notions in the text are unacceptable to US administration which states right to abortion and requests to remove that paragraphs but on the contrary, no one supported the idea. It is to be noted that US was unable to make changes in another similar draft resolution on Child, Early and forced Marriage quoting ‘US Health Department does not consider abortion as a tool of family planning nor it is accepted in its reproductive health assistance.

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