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President Trump pulls out forces from Syria

President trump stabbed the American Middle East policy when, on Wednesday, he declared the defeat of Islamic state and complete withdrawal of American troops from Syria. He declared his victory shortly after US and SDF forces were able to take control of village Hajin Syria. Shortly after the proclamation of US troop withdrawal by Trump, the decision was criticized not only by Democrats but republican too in US. Even one of Trump’s close Republican senator, Mr. Lindsey Graham expressed his fears about future of US in the region. American allies, Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces, who have been shedding their blood and thousands of fellows since the fight begin, took this decision with dismay. They are very truly and decisively abandoned by the US government. It is to be noted that Russia, which was fighting on Assad’s behalf, welcomed the decision and said, withdrawal may help in settling the political affairs in Syria.

US diplomats were immediately deported from Syria within 24 hours after the announcement. About two thousand soldiers are expected to be leaving the country by the end of the March next year. Whatever his Syrian policy is, how Trump reached this decision and whatever his motives are, he took the right decision about his army. He nearly resolved this war and took a step towards peace on an issue never been discussed and debated and even unknown to most Americans. It is to be noted that who are supporting this decision are not actually supporting the evil Assad but are saving the innocent lives. What else we want other than PEACE.

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