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Stability in the US

President Trump has earned the reputation of taking unpopular decisions. It is to be noted that they are not unpopular in terms of ideas or motivations but they are unpopular in terms of execution and implementation. It is because ideas and motivations are already there in American society but social dissent is too hard to channelize in legal framework. The idea of wall on Mexican border and deporting immigrants can be quoted as an example as a supportive argument. Such decisions make institutions weak because it generate an impression that independent institutions are acting in compliance with President’s consent but not independently, this badly damages national trust in strong institutions. Nations are great because of their great institutions, their stability, its people to be satisfied by their performance.

Last week has witnessed some unprecedented acts in US politics which might shatter the trustworthiness of US institutions.  President Trump publicly supported Michael Flynn, a former National Security Adviser, ahead his hearing in court and a federal judge refused to sentence him. James Mattis, Secretary of Defense rendered his resignation saying President must find a person with who he shares views protesting against troop pullout decision and expressed concerns of Department of Defense. The military commanders fear that allies will no longer place their trust in US but Trump call them back to build own country. It is to be noted that Trump’s acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker proved wrong in his claims “no Department of Justice official had suggested he recuse himself from the Russia investigation”.  Such acts carrying frustration are not healthy for strong democracies.

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