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Tear Gas and immigrant caravan

It has been many days since US is facing thousands of people ready to cross border with Mexico border but President Trump is not willing to let them in. It has to be noted that he has been vocal critic of immigrants rather at a point intended to deport immigrants living in US.

While facing the threats, US has deployed army troops to the border for better security and temporarily suspend border crossing with California which latter resumed. Later on, Mike Pompeo said that he has been in constant touch with Mexican Foreign Office and has agreed in principle to keep migrants in Mexico but their pleas would be individually reviewed in courts.   

Later on this week, immigrants tried to cross the border thus border patrol had to use tear gas to repel them away from borders. The critics of President Trump termed this action over kill but President defended saying we need border security. A councillor of President Trump Kelly Anne Conway said she has feelings for immigrants especially mothers with children but they should be using legal ways to enter in US. She went on saying that these immigrants are victims of deceiving by their agents who looted them on guarantees of entry in US.

The Trump administration is strongly defending its policies towards immigrants. US is aimed to make its economy strengthening and to create jobs for its own citizens. This stance is often propagated by Trump in interviews and series of Tweets time to time. This time, the whole criticism of opponents is in vain so far and Trump is defending his position.

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