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Time to pull out from Afghanistan

Afghanistan, indeed is a symbol of resistance and victory of forces whose power is accumulated in geography, history, culture and ethnic nationalism whether they are Pashtun, Uzbek, Tajik or someone else. It is to be noted that there is no point of difference that Afghanistan has become the symbol of decline of American Imperialism, an image is to be preserved to face future security challenges. Moreover, this war has immensely exceeded the cost reaching beyond means without gaining much success in Afghanistan. The billions of dollars spending could not help Afghan forces to secure whole territory nor establish sustainable democracy. In addition to it, despite huge investments, US cannot gain economic benefits as much as regional countries are likely to gain.

When Afghanistan is debated in Washington, policy makers express pessimism and frustration. It is to be noted that a seemingly evident defeat is portrayed as a stalemate by US Generals. Pentagon is terrified by its involvement in Afghanistan since 1970’s. President Trump was right in pulling the forces out of Syria and will be right about his decision regarding Afghanistan. It is to be noted that Afghan war is not a success thus pulling out is the only option sooner or later. For Pentagon, it may be quick or sooner but in no way beyond consideration. For sure, nothing is hopeless and but only strong basis leads to high hopes, not the shallow spheres. Thus, differences of opinion is the time to pull out the forces. Thus, imminent things take place without the consideration of timing.

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