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Trump and Google fiasco

President Trump, in his latest tweet about media giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, has accused them of being biased and unfair to him personally. He said Google is rigging the search results and showcase him as a bad person. He claimed, people searching for ‘trump news’ are receiving damaging stories from media intentionally.  He continued by saying 96% of results of TRUMP NEWS is coming from national left wing media, very dangerous! According to president trump all the search engines and social media are suppressing the voices of conservatives and hiding good news, fake CNN is prominent. They are controlling ‘what we see and cannot see’.

Not to forget, he had already accused Google of being biased in August 2018. Google search results are the outcome of a highly specific algorithm (only known to the Google itself) that they have built to help people not to support a particular party as president trump had said. Google crawls every single website and webpage to provide the most relevant information to the query.

President Trump is right when he says social media is controlling what we can see and cannot see. But as for the other part, social networks are neither biased nor are spoiling his reputation, but there are allegations and google is yet to respond!

President Trump also said when it comes to search his twitter handle @realDonaldTrump, the twitter processing slows down and he added: ‘Twitter had made it more difficult to follow @realDonaldTrump. They have removed many names and greatly slowed the level and speed of increase they have acknowledged done nothing!’, in his own words.

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