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Trump may visit Afghanistan

President Trump celebrated Thanksgiving Day at Palm Beach, Florida. He had busy Thanksgiving Day of course. He visited Coast Guards to give his message on Thanksgiving Day and spoke to US air force general via telephone conference. He was admiring the courage of troops who have been serving the interests of US abroad and face hardships in line of duty. He admired the valiant sacrifices they had made and even contributed blood for homeland. Usually, visits of Commander In-Chief to war zones are kept confidential and information related to visit made public after landing or sometimes leaving the region due to security reasons.

While speaking to him, he hinted he may see him in Afghanistan if he decides to visit. It indicates that Trump has visit to Afghanistan on board. He has been very assertive on Afghan and South Asia strategy and eager to complete Afghan peace process. For the first time in history, he opened direct talks with Afghan Taliban to bring them in mainstream politics and resolve 17 years old conflict.   Afghanistan falls under the operational area of Southern Command based in Qatar where Taliban have opened their office for political dialogue.

President Trump has been under criticism for not visiting troops in Afghanistan. President Obama and G W bush has history of visiting Afghanistan twice and Iran twice and four times respectively. On Veteran day, President Trump could not visit Arlington National cemetery while in Paris on Armistice Day, he could not visit US military cemetery due to extreme weather conditions.  President latter admitted that he should have visited Arlington National Cemetery but he could not because of busy routine.

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