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Trump shutdown Democrats over wall argument

President trump took an offensive attitude towards building the border wall. The steel slats are the only way to protect the great U.S.A. at the southern border, an old way though! He said, “We will get it done (the border secure) one way or other!” it is to be noted that Trump boycotted any of the Democratic legislatures including the infrastructure on December 20. He calls to shut down against Democrats until they vote for the Steel Slats (the wall). ‘And Democrats are very well aware that they are putting politics over the country’, Trump said. President Trump says national border security is most fundamental and we are not going to let any drugs, gangs, human trafficking, and criminal entry in our country. The only way to control all the troubles is building the border wall, and for that Republicans are going to need democratic help!

On Thursday, congress representatives voted on Southern Border Security fund. It is to be noted that Republicans won with ratio 217:185. Not a single Democrat representative voted yes. Republicans flew back to Washington from all over to vote for Southern Border Security and now it’s all upon Senate! As President Trump asked federal agencies to contribute towards fund. The total fund needed for the border is about $5 billion.  #GoFundME campaign had more than three million dollars collected! American Public has come out in support of its President when Democrats are trying to go away with it on serious national security issue. As they tend to think that law and order would be major cause of concern in society if USA let them in freely.

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