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Trump’s reaction over Mattis’ resignation

Over Syrian troop’s withdrawal strategy, the defense secretary Jim Mattis announced the submission of his resignation to President Trump for retirement in February 2019. Policy differences toward Syria and drawdown of American troops in Afghanistan were the initiative of this decision. To surprise, Trump replaced Mr. Mattis (the defense secretary) two months earlier by Patrick Shanahan, who is acting as deputy defense secretary nowadays. He will take charge on Jan 1st, 2019. The quick decision was the consequence of trumps anger over Mr. Mattis’ resignation and when he reprove Trump’s policy. According to officials, Mr. Trump must have some candidates looking forward to being nominated as defense secretary for next few days or weeks but Trump just pulled out the name and appointed Mr. Shanahan as the defense secretary of United States.

Mr. Mattis was the head of US National Command till 2013 and was exterminated by President of the time ‘Obama’ but Trump gave him another chance looking forward to his skills and understanding of war affairs in his era. Now priorities are changing and Mr. Mattis in his resignation letter had barely laid down the growing differences toward Trump’s policy about Syria and Afghanistan. He also condemned Trump for not being fair towards their best allies in both wars. The consequences have far-reaching results!

Mr. Shanahan (present deputy secretary) is a former businessman and have a long list of accomplishments under Trump administration and before, and will be taking charge of secretary in Jan 2019. He was a BOEING! Let’s wish the best for a new secretary and Trump!

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