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US all set to revel China and Russia

US National Security Advisor John Bolton has revealed the new strategy to contain China and Russia simultaneously in African continent. He announced to combat predatory practices of China and Russia in whole Africa and expressed his resolve to secure the interests of African states. US sees Africa a breeding place of global terrorism thus deems it in interest to intervene in region but China and Russia are not proliferating terrorism. This strategy is mainly driven by geopolitical and strategic implications. It is to be noted that competing powers US and USSR never pitched their forces against each other but continued to engage in proxies around the globe. This time, US has chosen Africa for her first move on grand strategic chess board whereas China has listed Africa in lower listings of preference but its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) tends to connect Africa through maritime connectivity.

US is willing to immediately execute the strategy in Africa. China is seeking development projects in Africa in the wake of BRI and Russia has long standing interests in Africa for natural resources. As US is concerned about peace keeping forces in Africa and their ghost practices, it will no longer support unaccountable US peace keeping missions. John Bolton accused China and Russia of threatening independence of African nations and determine to lose grounds for both. Moreover, US has intentions to increase its unilateral investments in African states. It is to be noted that withdrawn support of US to peace keeping missions will provide ground to terrorists, threatening the stability of whole region.

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