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US and Allies against China

USA and its Western Allies are preparing to convey China a strong message against its dodging and untruthful economic practices. US deems China an economic adversary to its supremacy and accused her of rouge economic practices with other states. It is to be noted that this does not only include about money because economic gains are just an end but what means employ a big deal. In US and Western perspective, it encompasses hacking attempts, compromising government and corporate computers, policy coercion, technology theft, debt traps, bribes, cyber espionage, monitoring trade secrets and spying. The Western Powers opted this week to make China clear not to undermine global fair trade practices by using its alleged malign trade acts.

It is to be noted that Justice Department of United States is expected to unveil criminal charges against hackers associated with main Chinese Intelligence services who run spy campaign against US and Western corporations and government agencies. It is also expected that US would announce sanctions against China and its citizens resultantly.

The US and rest of the Western allies are seeking approvals from respective cabinets to comprehensively initiate counter strategy to confront China and put unified sanctions. In this initiative, US, Britain, Germany, Australia and Japan are sharing common interests to contain China. These countries claim that the companies which provides technical, cyber, and information related services suffered networked centric cyber and espionage attacks. The sources were unknown formerly but know they claim them to be Chinese. All the states are sharing common interests under leadership of USA. 

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