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US and EU defense initiatives

President Trump in a recent tweet reminded EU that European military alliance did not work well in WWI & II and unlikely to work in future. He cherished his state’ support to Europe saying US helped Europe in WWs, Cold War and will continue but will not support any independent military alliance in Europe. It is to be noted that Germany and France has expressed their intentions to form an independent military alliance. The US argues that any new alliance duplicating, diminishing and discriminating NATO will not be accepted.

President Trump urged EU to pay their due share in NATO as every NATO member enjoys credible collective defense mechanisms. Since its inception, US has been major financier of NATO and contributing large man power to the alliance. It is a fact that US never demanded equal share due to its dominant character and US seeks democratic, less military and soft Europe but its economic restraints forced US to demand due share from NATO community.

French President in a series of his speeches since 2017 expressed his intentions to establish nearly automatic Independent European Union Army.   In June 2018, at least nine EU states have endorsed Macron’s plan especially by Germany’s Chancellor Angela Martel. It is to be noted that identically similar plans by Europe surfaced during Clinton Administration whose response was proactive but on the contrary, Trump administration maintained low position. Although, John Bolton termed this plan as ‘a dagger pointed at NATO’s heart’. Europe of 21st century is predominated by far right ideologies which led to Brexit, frustrated Italy, made France and Germany more self-eccentric. The future of NATO resides in grey area for upcoming years.

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