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US engages Taliban

The recent developments in Afghan peace process presents promising outcome of the negotiations. Taliban from Afghanistan and US special representative to Afghan Peace are having three days dialogue in UAE. This dialogue is aimed at finding the solutions to conduct general elections in Afghanistan next year by taking Taliban on board. US intends to set up care taker set up in Kabul where Taliban representative would also be the part of government which would demarcate the process of election.

It is to be noted that Taliban and US are having a dead lock over forces withdrawal and cease fire or demilitarization of Taliban. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and UAE are the major facilitators of the negotiations and would guarantee the implementation of accord when signed. Taliban representative made a point that if US could appoint their proposed name in care taker set up, they can announce cease fire while US would guarantee not to deploy their forces anywhere on Afghan soil. For the time being, US is seeking at least six months of cease fire to shape up the reconciliatory environment in the country. 

President Trump has pushed his administration to settle long standing Afghan people according to the will of its people. Of and on, Pentagon officials and the US ground Commanders claims that there is no military solution to Afghan war thus political settlement is the only way forward. There had been regular elections in Afghanistan but people fear to cast vote in dreadful environment all over the state especially in Taliban controlled areas. These talks holds a bright future of Afghanistan and stability in the region.

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