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US envoy Khalilzad departs on four-nation tour to resolve Afghan conflict

American representative for Afghan reconciliation Zalmy Khalilzad is paying a visit to four countries in South Asia to have a dialogue on the Afghan conflict. He left Washington on a two-week tour from Jan 8 to 21 for settlement of Afghan conflict. He would be visiting Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and India and he said he would be pleased to attend ‘Raisin Dialogue’ taking place in New Delhi this year.

He will be meeting higher officials of every country to facilitate the resolution of intra Afghan politics and to end war peacefully, the American state department said. It is to be noted that they respect the desire of Afghan people to have peace and equal rights and also the international community who wants to put the war on end. It has been 40 years for America is fighting in Afghanistan to achieve peace and for the political settlement in the region. Now America is going to end this conflict and will never be the part of any international terrorism and will never be a part of other’s fight!

Afghan reconciliation Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad will talk to Afghan government officials during his visit and try to bring other peace-loving parties in the country on the table to resolve the issue and for the settlement of government. Afghanistan should set their course and be looking forward to better future of their nation by ending intra Afghan conflict. Khalilzad will meet Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and chief executive Abdullah Abdullah, and other party’s leaders for negotiation. American goal is to promote a dialogue between Afghan’s leadership so that Afghani citizens could live their lives fearlessly and with equal rights!

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