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US government partial shutdown is affecting Americans

Since 22nd December, US government is working under partial shutdown. The shutdown was driven by the political battle of President Trump with Congress to pass the bill for the Mexican border wall. This political war is affecting the citizens. It is to be noted that this shutdown seems to be second longest in American history, the first longest shutdown was in 1995 that lasted 21 days. About nine federal departments are affected in one way or other due to lapse in funding: Agriculture, Commerce, justice, homeland security, urban development, interior state, transportation, and treasury during this shutdown.

About 800,000 workers are obliged to work without pay and they owe a combined $249 million in monthly mortgage payments, according to an online real estate firm Zillow. Congress has already passed a few bills for some crucial departments to keep them working under the shutdown, about three-quarters of the federal government.  US government blow soft on Monday by asking IRS to be at their previous policy of tax refunds.

The effects of the shutdown are extending from President’s inner circle to Wall Street and to farm country. Secret service agents are left in lurch while government is asking them to put their lives in danger for nothing. This is an incredibly stressful job that requires your full attention if agents are worried about mortgage or their credit card bills how are these secret agents are supposed to do their jobs with due attention. It is to be noted that SEC suffers, business dumped, farmers are helpless, agriculture is destroying, and nonprofit organizations are not offering interest-free loans to workers having immediate cash problems. The shutdown has meant that 2295 of Bureau of Indian affairs and 4057 employees are subjected to furlough and after a few days of shutdown museums and institutions that make up Smithsonian, have all closed. Hence citizen’s condition is becoming miserable!

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