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US troops deployed in Congo

 To deal with a present violent and maniacal scenario in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), President Trump announced the deployment of 80 military personnel in Central Africa. It is to be noted that they will stay in Central Africa until the peace dominates and people of the State gain their civil rights. Troops arrived in DRC on Wednesday. After terror and intense situation, due to presidential elections, US embassy asked the families to leave DRC in mid-December. US state department issued a warning to travel in the DRC.

The Democratic Republic of Congo gained liberty in 1960 from Belgium. There held a first multi-party election in Congo since their independence in the 1960s and second in the history of the country. Elections were supposed to be held in 2016 but postponed due to terrorism and violence and due to the lack of any crucial information about the voting population. Elections were again postponed due to the fire in stockroom that resulted in the destruction of 8000 voting machines, in December. Expected results of the election were supposed to be announced on 9 January and final results on 15 but due to lack of courage and fear they didn’t announce the results and the son of outgoing president Joseph Kabila is ruling the country after his father’s assassination in 2001. The outgoing government of Kabila pulls out about 80 million country’s strong internet including Catholic churches, a way of rigging the elections! The situation is now monitored by the troops of US trying to settle the matter as soon as possible. If more troops were needed to deal with crime they will be provided!

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