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US warns Iran against space launches

On January 3rd, US secretary of state Mike Pompeo warns Iran to reconsider the idea of launching a space vehicle, otherwise, they could face serious allegations, sanctions, and deep economic isolation. Tehran signed a pact with six world powers in 2015 to stop experimenting nuclear weapons as the reward they will get economic help under UNSCR 2231. But in November 2018, their Minister of defense Gen Qassem Taqizadeh announced that they are planning to put three launch vehicle, in the coming month, in space. The Pentagon accused Iran of making space launches with defensive qualities and it could carry many warheads and stated that Iran is putting the world’s peace at risk. It is to be noted that United States offensively ordered the Iranian regime to step back! As they fear these space launches have abilities to make intercontinental ballistic missiles, a direct violation of UN.

While on the other hand Iran completely denies the accusation and reiterated with the fact that launches don’t have any nuclear nature and will be used for telecommunication and defensive purposes. On January 3rd, the Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted and also denied the latest Pompeo’s allegations stating that space launches and missile test are necessary for defense and they  DON’T HAVE ANY NUCLEAR NATURE!

From the six world powers, America withdraw itself from UNSCR 2231 in May 2018 and renew their relationship and start imposing sanctions again! Trump said Iran is violating the accord reply was received by US government as ‘America has violated nuclear accord itself and is in no position to lecture anyone on it!

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