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US withdrawal from Syria does not change counter Iran strategy

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said planned American troop’s withdrawal will not change our strategic intentions toward the destruction of Daesh. America will not let Iran influence the region. Troop’s withdrawal is just the change of plans and we will defeat the caliphate of ISIS globally, said Pompeo.

We never left our allies half way that is why President Trump has a talk with Turk President Recep Teyep Erdogan to support American ally, who helped to fight ISIS, Kurds in the region. After the US leaves Syria Turks will continue to fight Daesh. After American departure, Turks will not let them cause destruction or violation in the region. Turk decided to support Kurds, for the reason white house national security adviser John Bolton is in Ankara to ensure the promises of Turk government.

It is to be noted that John Bolton described the planned withdrawal of American troops is the stipulation of Trump’s official statement, during a visit to Israel and Turkey. Troop’s withdrawal has nothing to do with American’s ‘counter Iran strategy’. About 2000 troops will come back home after finalizing the words with Turk government that will protect Kurdish fighters in the region. In December 2018 Trump declared his victory over Daesh and announced American troop’s departure from the region. Trump said we will leave Syria at the same time, we will fight Daesh!

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