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Why Trump is right

It has been widely criticised that why President Trump decided to pull US troops out from Syria. The man in Oval Office is ought to have full understanding of the affects and implications of the decisions he made and Trump is also the same. He must have acknowledged the said criticism and likely implications beforehand and then made a decision. This step should be analysed in his long standing election campaign slogan Make America Great Again and this is the right step in right direction at right time. It is to be noted that he, from the very beginning, has been saying that he would end America’s many wars as he noted in his tweet saying this is not new.

Yet he had faced criticism and this group is not comprised of middle class workers and low income people to whom President want to deliver but they are war monger politicians, advocates of perpetual American wars, ivory tower think tankers, ambitious commanders and politicians with vested interests but President Trump realized the need to exercise the leadership. It is to be noted that the magnitude of criticism by intellectuals of respective fields best highlight the wisdom of his plan of evacuation. Most of this group did not vote for Trump and they expect President to do what they want, prolong the wars. President Trump comes strong in favor of his middle class and low income people in pursuance of unique agenda, Make America Great. This is not America’s war and it is likely to continue with or without US forces, acknowledged Trump.

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