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Why United States would not be able to pull troops from Syria

President Trump announced his own victory and American’s troops pull out from Syria. After a meeting with Turk president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, president United States delayed the troop withdrawal 120 days and can further be delayed too! Troop’s withdrawal decision has cost the loss of Kurds alliance to the United States. It is to be noted that United State is carrying an anti-Iran agenda, despite Trump’s troop withdrawal decision from Syria America seems to be on a compassionate war to put a barrier for Iran. They have announced the economic war against Iran for the violation of a joint comprehensive plan of action, 2015.

Trump says ‘we are done!’ although they are not done at all. For the peaceful settlement of the Syrian war, there are three no’s from Trump administration! One Trump administration does not seem to provide assistance for the return of refugees, second no recognition of the regime settlement and third no rehabilitation funds at all! America doesn’t want to cooperate with Russia, to win the Syrian war Assad must be out and if America intends to leave Syria for good then who is going to block Iranians? Trump has officially given his words about Syria but his administration is still waging an economic war against Syrian people! There is a whole lot of drama over troop’s withdrawal from Syria and results are going to be more than worse! Peaceful settlement of government in Syria with Kurds given all the rights of living under Syrian flag! And that’s the only way out!

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