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World Science Forum

Science and technology gave birth to globalization and turned a globe into global village by connecting every nook and corner of the world. World Science Forum is one of the leading platforms which seeks ethical use of technologies and relevant innovation. It collaborated with economic enterprises, social organizations and wide range of actors from the market. It is to be noted that scientific innovations are of no use unless they are operationalized in industry, society and daily walks of life that is why collaboration with all actors is a necessity.

Last year, in 2017, World Science Forum was organized by Kingdom of Jordan where over 3000 science leaders were in attendance coming from up to 140 countries. It would be interesting for you to know that it was largest ever science community gathering in the Middle East, a conflict torn region. It was organized in close collaboration with Royal Scientific Society of Jordan, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, International Social Science Council and International Council of Science under supervision of UNESCO.

In the end, it collectively set some innovative standards of sharing scientific information leading to development. It must be kept in mind that business community demands innovation in technology to increase efficiency of industry and feasibility of economic operations. The major focus was laid on “Sustainability Development Goals: Update and Critique”.

It highlights the need of science and technology in the development and progress of developing and underdeveloped states. Next year in 2019, this forum is set to meet with the agenda of Ethics and Responsibility which for sure would be a comprehensive addition to the knowledge and practice.   

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