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Yemen Crisis and USA

Yemen has been going through a tough brutal civil war in which civilian population exposed to hostile regional and international war theater. US has had helped the Saudi led coalition in fighting against Houthi rebels who are allegedly being supported by Iran. Yemen has emerged a war zone with different actors in play while serving their vested interest.

Looking deep into the conflict suggests that US had no obligation to intervene in the crisis in the first place but after inferring, now US call upon peaceful settlement. US came in support of Saudi Arabia to prevent other regional players from gaining grounds in Yemen i.e. Yemen. US policy makers has identified this false flag a serious treat in real geostrategic terms as Yemen is situated at the juncture of Gulf of Aden and Red Sea, a major maritime choke point. Though Iranian navy is not in a position to dominate this gulf.

US has supported Saudi Arabia with Intelligence and reconnaissance, refueling of fighter jets in Yemen, providing arms and missiles, training and military expertise. What was the reason behind this favor? Iran? On the contrary, as Houthis are allegedly are being helped by Iran, Saudi Arabia is providing weapons to Sunni militants who constitutes Al Qaeda branch of Arabian Peninsula implies US has been aiding AL Qaeda while helping Saudi Arabia. There have been news circulating Saudi Arabia used ammunition provided by the US.  It is not too late to resolve the conflict but it could have been averted by not siding Saudi Arabia and by letting world contempt their intervention in Yemen.

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