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Yemen talks: US Pushing Iran Away

Yemen has been embroiled in blood since four years and civil war has been intensifying since then. The US stopped refuelling Saudi fighter jets in Yemen and called upon the parties to begin peace talks. In the wake of peace talks, cease fire has been proposed which was widely appreciated. Iran faced severe pressure in helping Houthis in Yemen. The UN urged the stakeholders to settle the crisis on humanitarian grounds.

Sweden is all set to host UN proposed peace talks where Iranian envoy is also invited. The envoy from Tehran told Iran has proposed a name of senior adviser to Foreign Minister Javad Zarif for the purpose of shuttle diplomacy and win cease fire on both sides but the proposal was rejected under US pressure, another side of story.

The US State Department maintains that in case if Tehran want to help, it must act in compliance with UN embargoes and to stop providing weaponry, training, logistics, intelligence, technical assistance and related material for collective benefits. It further said that this is the time to achieve compromise rather than bargain and to bring peace, prosperity and stability in Yemen. It is to be noted that is seems US is trying to do is keeping Iran at arms-length in Yemen talks and offering other contending parties more stakes. It can because of the anticipated effects of US sanctions that Iran might not maintain and gain strength in the region. The senior diplomats in Washington believes that Trump Administration is not willing to sit on any table with Iran unless it discuss another deal the US. But if Iran change its sides from Houthis to international community seeking peace, the outcome can be mutually beneficial.

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